Cine-Kodak K-100 Cameras Instructions

This document consists of 30 pages.

Cine-Kodak K-100 Cameras Instructions


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Front Cover
P1 Photo illustration: wind the motor, remove the cover
P2 Load the camera
P3 Photo illustration
P4 Set the dial; Select the lens; Select the lens opening
P5 Set the focus; Set the lens opening
P6 Focus the viewfinder; Frame and shoot
P7 Complete Operating Instructions
P8 Winding motor; Loading
P9 Loading (cont'd)
P10 Film meter
P11 Photo illustration
P12 Camera speed; Using the turret
P13 Lenses
P14 Focus; Setting the lens opening
P15 The viewfinder
P16 Correction for close-ups
P17 Sighting
P18 Making exposures; Scene length; shutter speeds
P19 Unloading and care of exposed film; Pictures outdoors at night
P20 Animation by single-frame exposures
P21 Cleaning the lenses; Cleaning the filem channel
P22 Kodachrome film; Cine-Kodak reversal films
P23 Cine-Kodak negative films; Magnetic sound track for 16mm film
P24 Combination lens attachments
P25 Cine-Kodak Filters
P26 Hand crank; electric motor drive; field case
P27 Kodascope Projectors
P28 Kodak Cine Photoguide
P29 Serial Numbers
P30 Back Cover